Tuesday, 13 March 2012

When Communication Goes Out of the Window

I have calmed down somewhat since I was first going to write this, as I daresay I could have inadvertantly put the onus of my rant on the wrong person. To put a long story into a small paragraph that doesn't give too much away I was meant to set a room for an event that happens every week only this time the room had been booked for something else & the room that was ment for the weekly event had moved, but haven't been told of it. After having set up the wrong room i had the booker look at me rather confused as well as the weekly person wondering what was going on. I apologised moved everything around & tried not to make to much of a deal about it, though I have got to admit I was panicking as I had no idea what was going on. If something like this happens to you take a deep breath, don't flap, be honest & apologise for the inconvenience even if it wasn't your fault or knew nothing about the things that are going awry. Next step is to speak with the relevant people in a manner that is not all raaah ranty. Thankfully I had calmed down by the time I started to speak to the necessary people, so therefore was able to get my point across without being talked over & without me talking over other people. Doing this has resulted in a plan so the same kind of thing shouldn't happen again. It can ber incredibly frustrating but flying off on one doesn't help. Take heed of my previous post Keep Calm & Carry On & hopefuly things shall turn out alright in the end. Also make sure you communicate what you need to so you don't cause the same for anyone else.

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