Friday, 2 March 2012

Takeaway Week (or Not Enough Veg)

Ok this week has been an incredibly hectic one & most nights this week so far have been takeaway meals for dinner because me & my partner have not had the time to go shopping. Now my local Chinese is a good one & we tend to use a good pizza company but my other half is way more carnivorous than me & every time I live his diet I tend to suffer. Thankfully we had Indian last night (also a good takeaway near me) which meant we have separate dishes so I went veggie. If I eat like my other half by the end of the week if I eat like my other half I tend to get trapped wind & I feel like I'm shitting porcupines when I go to the toilet which does make me wonder how do people who are lachanaphobic cope. I could not be without my vegetables, in fact I wish I could be vegetarian but my body just doesn't cope with it as I have tried it. After a week like this I really do appreciate the effects of a balanced diet & the joys of a home cooked meal, even if it is me who does nearly all the cooking in the house. Tonight is home cooked food night & it will be a vegetable lasagne, I'm really looking forward to it, I've missed the kitchen, well mostly, I don't miss the washing up, perhaps I should be a tidier cook. A week of takeaways has reminded me of a saying - too much of a good thing, I've indulged & now things are going to back to normal, thank goodness. I do prefer my meals not to come out of a foil tray, it tends to make look like I'm gathering equipment to make a helmet to stop aliens/major corporations/the government reading my mind, which is not good when you are trying to come across as sane.

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