Monday, 26 March 2012

If You're Easily Offended Why Go to All Effort to be Offended More

Over the weekend I went down to London to watch a friend's play, only for the first few days being cancelled due to technical/technician problems, but I did get to see a rehearsal & think that it will be brilliant soon as they iron out the tech problems. It is a performance of Caligula by Camus, which was twisted to begin with, but this adaptation takes it to a whole new graphic level. I can't give too much away as it will spoil the fun, but it is overtly sexual in places. But then again a fair few of the concerts & performances I have been to are not for the easily offended, Rammstein had its nod to BDSM & male sexuality, Sex, Drugs & Vaudeville although not having any of the 2 former parts of its title on stage did have some songs that were controversial to the point downright blasphemy & the tale of Evelyn Evelyn was quite disturbing. So why did I go? It was because I was fan & I'm not easily offended & if I got into an uncomfortable place in watching certain things then it was my fault for going to see them in the first place. Though in fairness it was only when Mr Joe Black at Sex. Drugs & Vaudeville did his final number did I actually feel uncomfortable at the point of any of the shows that I felt any sense of awkwardness. Showmanship is what it is all about, if you don't like their style don't watch/listen/go see such things. If people didn't push the boundaries a fair amount of science would not have been discovered, equal rites would not have existed & the world would not be a great place to be. There is however time & a place for things. Blue waffle is not something you bring out at a W.I meeting & a rendition of Disposable Teens is not appropriate at Mass on Sunday, but in its right place people should let it be. Plus if something has caused offence to someone & you feel it may cause you offence, stop don't go there, it is a waste of your time. The whole thing with Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand is case in point of that. The BBC should have only taken into consideration the complaints that were about the show when it happened not when the media got hold of it as it was totally unfair as it was a case of baiting at its worst. You can complain about something if it is out of place if it is offensive yes, but if you go out searching for it. If you crap in your sandwich don't complain that it tastes like shit.

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