Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hooray for gay marriage

Thank goodness for that, Britain will now be joining the rest of the enlightened world with the introduction of same sex marriage. So my attending of the public consultation did not go to waste. Some of the comments that I heard against same sex marriage in the House of Commons & the House of Lords just did not make sense. As a gay man I will now be able to marry my partner, I won't be able to marry my dad or my pet as some of the members suggested as incest laws & bestiality laws have not changed & no one has asked for them to be changed for this to happen, plus euw gross to anybody who would want to change them as that is just plain nasty. It won't lessen any of the marriages between heterosexual couples, how can it? Traditional marriage has not existed for centuries/millennia so won't affect them either as most of them don't exist. To the people who don't like the idea of same sex marriage there is an easy solution don't get married to someone who is the same sex as you. It is still not quite equal but it is still getting better. Thanks to all my friends who have campaigned for it, who took time out to visit the public consultations, who filled out the online consultations & those who have campaigned through their churches for it & thank you to all the MPs & members of the House of Lords & to the Queen who have now made it law. Perhaps now it could help lead to legal recognition of Pagan weddings as that was one of the issues with Pagan weddings is that a handfasting of a same sex couple was considered equal to that of opposite sex couples. WOOHOO & YAY!!!! 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Sorry for the none posting of late

It has been a while, I'm sorry I have been a bit angry young man with a lot of things that happened & I wasn't entirely sure that my annoyance at the world wouldn't end up with me sounding like an arsehole. The Murder of Lee Rigby & the backlash from the EDL & other right wing facists, which was about couple of psychos not an entire religion, as I saw no one have a go at all Christians when a couple 2 years ago killed a child because 'it was a witch' & 'it was all done in God's Name'. Then the subsequent attacks on innocent Muslims riled me, including a recent terrorist attack on a Mosque not too far away.
Then there was the badger cull, tighter restrictions on livestock movement, & improved checks & immunisation are all moves that would be more effective if done together than what a cull would do & it wasn't the badgers that started it in the first place.
And finally Russia whose stance on LGBT rights was OK but not brilliant to down right persecution, I feel for the LGBT people of Russia & hope they get a new president soon who is a free thinker & stop turning their country into a one to avoid listed country.
So Sorry about the absence I had my reasons & believe me this post was a long time of making it not sound like I'm calling for a Battle Royale scenario with all extremists in the world, though that could be an option. But on a serious note I did need to be in a calmer place before posting, so here it is.