Wednesday, 7 March 2012

She's a Real Witch

So following from that is so gay post I thought I would address the she's a real Witch issue, OK how many of the people who are opposed to the the term that is so gay have called someone a Witch & not meant a Wiccan, Hedgewitch or other form of Witch in the Pagan sense? A Witch is a term often used to describe someone who is not actually a Witch but someone who malicious, scheming & generally unpleasant, but no one batters an eyelid at that phrase. The term Witch meaning someone is unpleasant gets banded about too readily without public uproar, but soon as someone says that is so gay people are up in arms about it. Isn't that double standards? Witches have feelings too & hey we are not evil, well maybe if I haven't had much sleep & I have to be up at the crack of dawn I can be thoroughly unpleasant , but unless you are one of those freaky people who enjoy the early to rise thing I think most can empathise with that. So what to do, lobby the equal rites commission to get the word Witch not to be used as an insult? Witches have been ingrained into the mass public psyche as being wicked creatures & most of the time people think of Witches as being monsters more than humans. How do we get across calling someone a Witch is offensive to Witches as far as insults go, when we can't even get people to stop calling someone gay as an insult. Unfortunately we can't but if you are one of the people who thinks its wrong to call someone a gay but is OK to call someone a Witch, then you have double standard, go & look in your political correctness handbook & come back with a reasonable explanation as to why it is justifiable. Don't come back with we don't mean a Witch in the Pagan term we mean it in the other term, the other is the Pagan term, it is just that we got demonised by religious fanatics centuries ago & the influence of that is only just starting to wear off. I do not recommend calling anyone a Witch as an insult unless we can use other religious titles as an insult without any comeback on us. So long & short of it don't call someone who is not a Witch a Witch, just as much as don't call someone gay who is not gay. Level playing field here we come.

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