Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Never Assume Someone is Fluffy Until Proven Otherwise

I had someone come to me who I'd met once before at a Pathworking meditation session I was hosting. The initial input from the person seemed a little fluffy the mention of pretty winged fairies came up, which raised a few eyebrows from the none Pagans in the room, I did my best to explain that they weren't weird & that some people put a face to spirit of place to feel comfortable, please see my older post on faires about that, which abaited the raised eyebrows & could see where the person was coming from in a way through my explanations. It also didn't go unnoticed by the person who spoke & the person felt I was non judgemental in my approach or too away with the fairies either. They had come to see me again, but the fluffy notion painted seemed a little inaccurate n this occasion. I can't go into the initial reason of contact as that was a personal issue, but a question afterwards is what had changed my mind about them, it came to the subject of spiritual blockage & going through the magical & meditational practices didn't seem to ring as suitable as the practical solution of just unburdening yourself of worries & stresses by talking. It appears as I misjudged completely & that for once taking someone at face value did not work, I could blame many a thing but mainly the buck stops with me. I should know better than to think of people who put a face to spirit of place will automatically think things can be cured by unicorn-rainbow-dolphin-reiki-crystal therapy.

Friday, 2 August 2013

For Frack Sake

I'm a little pissed off with the government on their response for finding newer forms of energy, actually that's not true I'm more than than just a little bit peeved. For goodness sake replacing a fossil fuel that will run out soon with another that will do exactly the same thing knowing the world's energy consumption levels is ridiculous. What is more worrying is the environmental impacts, the pictures of places from America where there has been fracking should indicate it is not a good idea. The planet has only so much of these resources & they do affect the environment that they are extracted from as well as the fact that it is not carbon neutral either kinda misses the point of the governments renewable energy targets. If we concentrate on creating reliable renewable & biotechnologies, then surely that has got to be a better answer & a better way for our planet.

Lammas tide reflections

This Lammas tide has felt like it has had more significance to me this year as my vegetable plot started to take shape this year. Yesterday was the first harvest of broad beans & although it wasn't the traditional wheat which I turn into a corn dolly which hasn't happened this year it was no less a significant harvest & the fact I grew them myself gave me a sense of achievement. I was starting to feel a little less connected with the seasons & although I still don't fully gel with some of the festivals, ones centred around growing & harvesting do have more of a significance especially now I have more of a chance of growing my own. I am far from finished on my plot so hopefully the work on a spiritual level yesterday will help as a bit of a boon to my physical travails on the plot. I have also been thankful to see more of our native insect life recently which has taken a battering, but hopefully with the largely good whether we've had, that it will help to perk up their numbers. I also baked a loaf which I haven't done in a while which certainly brings the taste of Lammas back to me, especially as I have gotten better at baking it, so I did do something a little traditional for it.