Monday, 12 March 2012

Fashion Models

Here's the thing when you visit a major fashion chain do the models in the poster look like they could do with feeding even if it isn't a chicken satay with ginger & sesame noodles, a salad might be good, or maybe even a chive if there stomach has shrunk that much, many of them look way to thin, even way to thin to be considered beautiful unless you have a strange skeleton fetish. Working within the company I do I have met plenty of staff who are way better looking than the models & quite often in branches of stores in other companies exactly the same is true. Just because they someone isn't 6 foot tall & a handy replacement if you have lost your toast rack does not make them un poster worthy, in fact if all stores were to picture beautiful men & women of all different shape & sizes it would make consumers a little more sure that they would not look odd in the garments if they weren't a fashion model glamourzon. With some fashion companies it doesn't matter sometimes if the model actually is attractive facially as long as they right shaped body for the to hang lifelessly off, as I have seen poster in some shops where the models look bost in face department. One year I just happened to be flicking through a Metro on the bus (must have forgotten my book that day to have been desperate enough to read it) I saw a picture from New York Fashion Week on the cover it had a picture of the head & shoulders of a model & I thought to myself, they are putting men in weird outfits this year only to see the full photo when I realised it was actually a women albeit one that looked like she had a back as a front. So here is my idea, companies, look to your staff to see who you can have model for you, no matter of height or body type, as long as they are easy on the eye, it gives your staff a confidence boost, it gives the consumers a confidence boost & in the long run actually works out considerably cheaper now that we are in a recession than to employ a professional clotheshorse who needs the money for its crack habit to keep themself unhealthy looking. I myself being slightly overweight & thinning on top may make an unusual role model for fashion but some guys who are of a slightly more relaxed figure have seen how things look on me that wouldn't normally have considered for themselves have gone & bought the item because they have realised that you don't have to be one vomit away from death to look good in it. So even if the shop doesn't advertise your shape on a style try it as it may work.

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