Monday, 2 April 2012

The Empty Bed

There is soooooo much I want to talk about with various happenings over the past few days that I shall probably do 2 posts today. The first post actually refers to Thursday night/ Friday morning. My partner was working 8pm to 8am, though got called into work early so I didn't see him when I had come home from work. I had to occupy myself with varying different things until it was quite late & I was to tired to do anything but sleep as I get empty bed syndrome & I sleep light at best, because not having my partner snuggling up to me in the night feels weird. So I slept fitfully, then a 5:30am I wake to a clunk, the boiler starts up & my mind rationalises that it is the boiler, then I hear the whooshing noise of a tap being turned on downstairs a little time later, but as still the boiler was making its strange noises I put it down to that. Then I hear the partition door screech open between the kitchen & living room & I then knew I was not alone in the house, somebody had got in. I put on my dressing gown & arm myself with the closing thing that came to hand, which happened to be a pair of stainless steel candlesticks, I leave the safety of the bedroom ready to spring on the intruder, I hear footsteps coming quite rapidly the stairs, fear grips me but I raise one of the candlesticks up ready to strike if I needed, only to find that I would have clonked my other half over the head as he had arrived home 3 hours early. Moral of the story be prepared but don't think that everything that goes bump in the night is out of a horror movie.

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