Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Evil Men Do

It always surprises me how some people have such little regard for human life, to have to go through a memorial for someone who is murdered is hard, seeing the reactions of the family & friends of victim, it would take a cold hearted person not to be moved & disturbed that someone could inflict death on someone & pain on all who knew that person. It is an experience that I hope I never have to repeat. When I became a chaplain I knew it wasn't going to be all tea & scones but nothing prepares you for this. My thoughts go out to those who knew the victim. I can never get my head round how people can such things, what would drive a person to such a place where they think it is a good idea, how they would get away with it & ignore the possible consequences of their actions. What leaves their moral conscience, I guess we will never know, I'm just thankful it is not such a frequent occurrence. However angry I have ever felt I have had the the sense of reason & I don't lose the consequential thoughts of the aftermath so never get myself in the place where I would be able to do something drastic or heat of the moment, but then I seldom get angry as I find it unhelpful. Hope none of you have to go through this, stay peaceful. All the best, Pagan chaplain.

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