Thursday, 5 April 2012

Excuse Me Please & Other Manners

I find myself at times wondering where all the manners from some people have gone, when I walk into work I tend to walk along a footpath which is also a bicycle path & bridle way & one of the things that really annoys me is how some cyclists treat it as their domain only & we should make way for them to pass by divine right without so much as a thank you, most of the time they don't even give you a gesture of them even coming & if I had anything like an iPod on I would have severely mangled to a point beyond recognition & when you out of their way they don't even say thank you, at which point I yell at them YOU'RE WELCOME! like a mad person & mutter to myself about them being rude. There are some customers who come into my place at work (retail not chaplaincy) who stand there at the till they don't say anything no pleases, no thank yous, no shove it up your arses. There are also those people who you open doors for & don't even acknowledge you are there to which my response is similar to that of the cyclists. People who push in also annoy me too, I was on the train with my partner we got up to get off the train at the same time as each other & between me leaving the row of seats & my other half to elderly women barged in in so when I turned round to look lovingly into my partners eyes I ended up with a horrified expression on my face which did not go unnoticed, neither too did the scowl I gave them afterwards as they were getting off the train when i waited for my other half. But the disintegration of manners is not limited to the young it seems to span the whole gamut of society. Have we just expected people will not use manners so there for they decide not use them because what is the point? But surely if that is the case it would make it much more appreciated if people do use them, I know I do & I always use my manners as tends to make people feel better, sometimes I get a little too overjoyed when people use their manners, because it gives me hope for humanity. Sometimes when you use your manners in certain places they give you extras, just because you are being nice in a day when most people are being rude. Be nice to people & they will be nice to you & if they are not make them feel uncomfortable about it if they don't. Don't give up your manners if it seems everyone else does otherwise you will end up being just as rude as them.

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