Saturday, 28 April 2012

April Showers

It has rained a fair bit over the last couple of weeks, everybody is moaning about it but aren't they missing the bigger picture here? What is April known for weather wise? Rain, April showers, so why is everyone surprised it is raining in rainy season? Why are people grumbling about it? if you don't want to live in a place that has much rain, live on the south coast of Kent, then you will probably be glad of the rain when it comes. Seeing as though most of the country is facing drought this summer I would have thought that people would have been welcoming of the rain. I posted on facebook to a friend who was moaning about the rain, pointing pout the drought situation & how the rain is dealing with the possibility of it removing the threat of it, her response was, I don't use a hosepipe as I live in a flat, so therefore have no garden, I pointed out she still used water though, although I did miss a trick by not mentioning about the watering of the crops that provide her with food. If you are having such real problems with the rain get some waterproofs, some wellies & start splashing about in puddles, it is fun & brings back a certain amount of childhood innocence & mischief. rain it is good for us, even when the whole drip of water down the back of your neck sends unpleasant shivers down your spine or you find that your waterproofs have developed a leak. Enjoy the precipitation, Yours soggily, Pagan Chaplain

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