Thursday, 28 June 2012

Should the United Kingdom still be united?

With the Queen visiting Northern Ireland to congratulate them on how the peace time reforms are going, which is a brave move seeing as though half of Northern Ireland is militantly anti Royalist, but still shakes hands with Martin McGuinness of ex IRA fame who seems to have mellowed from the violent bombing days to try & do something useful in today's day & age of politics, a move which I whole heartedly approve of, but there are plenty of people in the country who don't want to be in the UK do not recognise the Queen as their sovereign & do not want to be ruled by Westminster either (can't say I blame them). Scotland wants a referendum on opting out of the UK & be ruled from Holyrood, I'm not surprised there either seeing as though we caused so many wars & a whole lot of poverty there. There is also a lot of ill feeling in Wales but generally they are not quite as militant about it & if you want to go the whole hog you also have an independent front in Cornwall too (possibly the least English county in England, which I love it for). So where do we take it from here? Do we give it to them, let them make their own mistakes, find their own funding, generate their own industries in an economic climate that would make it hard for any new economy to prosper, but would at least give them a chance? Do we keep us all together until the time when it is easiest for us all to prosper & hope the government doesn't screw us over any more, making them resent Westminster even more? It is a tough one, but I have got to admit I don't want to need a passport to go to Scotland, Cornwall, Ireland or Wales, but do see them as Celtic lands with traditions, histories & languages different to our own. But then again I don't want to be ruled by Westminster at the moment either, can we have the 7th Century Kingdom of Mercia back please?

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  1. I went to Portugal a few years ago and took a day trip to Spain going over a bridge and didn't need my passport so I dobt we would need one to go across our own land borders :)