Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilations to A Diamond Bird or Am I Much of a Royalist

As well as it being the second day of Birmingham Pride, I doubt anyone would have been able to avoid frenzy that is the Queen's diamond jubilee (at the point of seeing the word frenzy being typed my other half suggested sea monster or giant pooh), we do seem to have gone mad for a monarchy that half the time we want to see fall flat on their face or want to see abolished. Royals today don't seem to have the power they once did but at least they are not trying to kill each other to try & get the crown, so is it any wonder that she managed a diamond jubilee? I tend to find I have a love/hate relationship with the monarchy, they do have some uses & they do generate a fair amount of income as well as being a figurehead for the country & as far as rulers go they don't appear be the dictators that there are in other countries. But then I also feel that they are only their because a couple of thousand years ago a power hungry idiot wanted to suppress a nation by uniting it make it seem a positive rather than an egotistical power trip, but then again if they hadn't somebody else would, plus is our Queen really our monarch or is Michael Hastings our true King? Liz has done her bit for her country & she has over seen many changes in our country both better & worse & never seems to be out of the public eye for us to to scrutinise her, So you have to give her her dues as not many people can do that without crashing & burning, I doubt I would have coped as well in that position. So congratulations or something, have your expensive party & enjoy yourself.

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