Monday, 27 February 2012

Fun is Not Just for Us Younger People

So as promised here is my Monday posting, a bit later than planned but I do have an extremely busy week this week. So I was at the Rammstein concert on Saturday & absolutely enjoyed myself. For those who haven't come across Rammstein they are a German metal band, it was a brilliant night with loads of pyrotechnics & fantastic music. Now not everyone is a fan of that kind of music, in fact most people certainly would not think of a fan of such music would be in their 70's but there was a woman there who was, even though she had a walking stick for support she was there to rock with the rest of us, but it did get me thinking about how cool the older generations can be, just because they may not be at your prime any more doesn't mean they should stop enjoying themselves. I needn't look any further than my own grandparents, well the two who are still alive, my paternal grandma was never really one for getting up & dancing at parties until fairly recently, I don't think I can get the image out of my head from my cousin Sasha's wedding day, when my Grandma was up & dancing to Kings of Leon- Your Sex is on Fire, it's not something you would normally expect, but then again this also the same woman who was regularly taking vegetarian food to the Birmingham Northern Relief Road protesters & got me into Hedgewitchery in the first place. She has now recently taken to Greek mythology in a big way too, huge bonus points from me for that one. My maternal Granddad is very much online & is in fact one of my Facebook friends, he is involved with the local theatre (from which we have a photo of him as an Ugly Sister) & still gets out & about & is dedicated to his family & possibly keeping an eye out for the ladies. I have also met a woman who when she broke her foot wanted a bed by the window, why? it was blowing a gale & it was funny watching people fall over, struggle with umbrellas, etc. I met a motorcycle veterans club one holiday. Plus we should not forget some of the more famous showings of older people having fun like the Good Charlotte video for Girls & Boys, Sigur Ros video for Hoppipola, various parodies of youth culture on Youtube & the Haslemere Nursing Home that had a resident die one year from cardiac arrest due to a called resident Gladys Elton doing striptease & the following year another resident Harry Meadows dressed as the Grimm Reaper for fun leading to 3 further fatalities. So just because someone is of an older generation don't judge them as boring as they surprise you.

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  1. Every one seems to have gone to Rammstein except me :(

    Your post has made me think- our parents are cruising rapidly towards retirement age, but their social lives are infinitely better than mine. Twenty odd years ago, 60 was OLD. Nowadays it seems like they're just hitting their stride.

    Probably about right actually, since my paternal grandparents are in their late nineties, and James's nan is 91.