Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Being a Woman is not a Competition

I have totally forgotten what I was planning to write about today, possibly a woe is me I'm doing Lent something, but last night on my way to the train station back home, there was a protest going on outside a bar, I was intrigued so went over to see what they were protesting about. Was it that the Temperance Movement started up again? No, their was not even the merest hint of a crinoline dress in sight. It was a protest about a beauty contest going on inside. Now I'm not a fan of seeing women wandering round in bikinis trying to out pose one another, there does seem to be a bit of an objectification of the women on stage, whether they are there for a vanity or prize money it does seem a little well impersonal. When they are up on stage you don't get to see the real them, and exterior looks are not everything. Plus what they try to purport is a standard on society of what beauty is. I don't go to male beauty contests either as they purport exactly the same thing before anyone comments on the sexuality issue. So where am I going with this post, well I'm not entirely sure, with the number of issues it is bringing up in my head I think my musings should be spread out over a couple of posts otherwise I'll keep going of on tangents & those who of you who know me, know how easily that occurs in my thought patterns & topics of conversation. Plus at the moment my eyes are glazing over & I want to go back to bed as I got to bed at 2 this morning & my other half's alarm goes of at 6 which leaves me rather sleepy & the fact that I have a cold at the moment does not help one bit.

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