Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Beauty Contest

So perhaps I'm not going to drag it out as much as I thought I would yesterday, but then I did feel as rough as badger's backside with my cold. So here is where I have objections to beauty contests, it is not that I don't like looking at an attractive figure, but judging them about there beauty just from their looks is just like judging a book by its cover, it may look pretty but could let you down. It is therefore treating a person as an object to be marvelled at & not to get to know, plus the whole I'm prettier than thou is tedious & to me shows a lack of inner beauty which in the long run is better as it is what lasts longer. It is a contest of vanity, aesthetics & egos which to me seems to against the concept of beauty. If the participants are looking for an ego boost go get a makeover & photo shoot session and look at the photo & see how glamorous you look, look in the mirror & look at all your positive attributes rather than the ones you don't like. But seriously concentrate on you inner beauty first & the other things you have to offer than a pretty face & a kick ass body otherwise it wont mean a thing. Plus beauty competitions can just as easily crush the ego, people may find someone else prettier than you & you lose to them, you may find someone who you think is prettier than you & chose to give up trying so it is all in vain & if you do win you will have the crushed dreams of others on your conscience or feel the need to stay on top of the game at any cost which could lead to drastic measures like pumping our lips with collagen & make you look somewhere between a trout & an armband, which will not make you look beautiful but fake & could turn you into a complete & utter bitch which is not pretty or in this case beautiful. If you are good looking don't forget the inner you, if you feel that you are not god's gift don't worry not everyone likes the same thing anyway & it is the imperfections that make truly beautiful.

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