Friday, 7 December 2012

Things I'm having to get used to in the New House

This is not a rant, I am however having to make adjustments. Although the house we were renting was a detached property & this is an end terrace we haven't really down sized as such, more shunted sideways in size. But there there are things that I'm having to get used to, we are nearer a busy road so it is noisier at night & if the kids are being really naughty next door you can hear the screams, stomps & tellings off. We also have a different micro climate as we are on the top of a hill, it is colder & wetter. the garden is more than just a little water logged. I'm hoping that planting the fruit trees in the garden may help with sorting that out. The electrics in the kitchen & the boiler are a little temperamental so we are going to have to sort that out. The oven I'm going to have to keep spotless otherwise the house will fill with smoke. We still need to get rid of boxes, which are empty but need to go back to the owner. We also need to put up shelves so we can properly store the books. But I have to say despite the teething problems I've got to admit I like this place. It is starting to feel like home already.

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