Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Stress of Moving House

I have now moved & yes there may have been the usual worries & some minor irksome situations but we seem to have not had the the nightmare scenarios that some people that we know have had. Are we lucky or just too chilled out? We have not argued, bitched or sniped, yes the djembe that I bought Richrd which was one of the first or if not the first got broken after Richard put his thumb through it, but things get broken & it can either be fixed or replaced. I had mislaid my binoculars & got despondant over them until Rich looked in a box that I could have sworn I hadn't packed them in, but obviuosly had. The cats are probably the ones who were most stressed by the move though as they hid when the removals people came & didn't emerge from behind the sofas in the new place for about 24 hours. Most of the stuff is now moved & the cats are now exploring. All the boxes are unpacked & now all we have to do is get the last couple of things from the previous house & give it a good clean. Not bad for a week's  work & the new place is feeling homely already, though we do need to get used to the quirks of the house. Like the alarm that goes off for no apparent reason on a thankfully rare occurence & the fact that there are power surges & the washing machine needs to be moved so the pipe will fit better & not leak & getting the boiler which is thankfully still under warrantee sorted as it drips. But thankfully nothing too major has happened. There has been some stress as my eczema has made an appearance on my forehead, but generally quite happy with the move as it is closer to family & some of my friends, although I do miss some of my old neighbours already.

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