Friday, 13 July 2012

Worst Make Up Ever

Yesterday, whilst on my lunch break from my retail job I went for a wander to walk off lunch a bit & whilst wandering down the one end of the shopping centre I spied a drag queen, ridiculous eyebrows, pale pink lipstick, orangey foundation the works, that was until I realised it was a woman who wasn't wearing her make up for comedy effect, it was tragic, funny & shocking in equal measure but it is not the first time I have noticed women wearing bad make up, OK no where near as bad as that, but I have seen some that have come close. Some of the women I have seen wearing the make up might have even looked pretty if they hadn't got on a layer of coloured ceramic crushed into lard on their faces. seriously the more make up you put on the more hideous most people look. Keep it simple, no guy wants to have that smear on his t shirt when when he hugs you, or too wait 5 hours to put a clown mask on or wait 3 hours for you to take it off again. I'm not sure what they are trying to achieve with their make up but it sure isn't beauty with the hideousness that I have seen. Be proud of what you look like, don't hide it. Oh & I have also found a direct correlation with women with that kind of make up with the Russell Brand hairstyle too which is more disturbing so not only do they look hideous now they will look even worse when their falls out because they have damaged it soooo much.

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