Monday, 23 July 2012

Giant fiery ball of doom

Yes it has appeared in the sky again, it has been a rare occurrence this year but it is back, this means I go into a semi hibernation mode as to not lobsterfy when I put the washing out etc, it also means I shall have to worry less about slugs. What it does mean is flies, as my cats won't eat all of their food which means our conservatory goes black & starts to buzz, feeding them outside might be a better plan. I have however mowed the lawn & trimmed the hedges early this morning so I don't have to wait till the evening to do it & can get on with everyday household tasks here on in until about 5pm when I feel I can safely go out in the garden without having to dress like a ninja. Also it means I will get even more snuffly with hayfever.I don't hate the summer, its just that summer hates me.

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