Thursday, 18 September 2014

A little exercise

I have decided to take up using the urban gym in the park I'm not as fit as I would like to be so I have decided to do something about it, the gym is in the local park so is not far away but I have to not feel as self concious as I did today, I dare say that will come with time along with physique changes & with it being an outdoor community one it is free, so why shouldn't I take advantage of it. I think I felt self concious because it is outdoors & exposed, you are seen by dog walkers but when you have a bit of lard on your bones it feels like you are being judged, even though they are usually more concerned about what their dogs are doing rather than some bloke doing exercise. I'm also looking to go on a bit more of a health kick and cut out the sweets, biscuits etc and reduce my alcohol intake, so hopefully my torso will match my lower body which is toned from walking between Halesowen & Merry Hill to work which is approximately 5 miles each way. So wish me luck, muscles & metabolism

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