Thursday, 24 October 2013

Decoding Dreams

I get asked to decode dreams often by both people who believe they have significance the future & by those who don't. I do believe that sometimes metaphor will come into it but most of the time I feel that it is your brain processing information in a rather jumbled up manner, as most people's brains tend to jump thoughts in the concious realm when they aren't concentrating on things, I think the mind does a similar thing when you are asleep. Sometimes though people won't realise the significance of certain things for instances I unravelled my other half's dream about the The Amsterdam Museum of Cakes & Pets, where his tour guide was a Yorkshire terrier with the voice of Ronnie Corbett. Here is how I broke it down:

Amsterdam- we were talking about future holiday plans
Museum- we were talking about visiting some of the historical sites there
Cakes- we were watching the Great British Bake Off
Pets- we have cats but also see Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier- was the name of an ale we were drinking which also had the face of a Yorkshire Terrier on the label
Ronnie Corbett's voice- we were watching a rerun of Live at the Apollo where Rob Brydon was doing an impression of Ronnie Corbett

 I'm sorry if this shattered illusions here but it was the closest thing that made sense as hitting the dream journals that I once owned kept giving me contradictory advice as to what it meant, plus I'd already realised patterns & occurrences that had happened that day, so take a dream dictionary with a pinch of salt, by all means keep a dream diary but then try to work out patterns from what you have seen or experienced & if you are dreaming that you need the loo, it is your brain telling you that your body needs to go to the loo not that you are embarrased about something. If you dream that your teeth have fallen out, you may have forgotten to clean your teeth before going to bed or are due for a dental check up instead of you're going to die.

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