Monday, 1 October 2012


With my life being in a state of flux, impeding move, new nephew & niece, promotion with new responsibilities, my foot playing up & the moot taking on a newer role. Chaos seems to be ensuing & it is hard to keep my feet on the ground. So I'm turning to my faith & I seem to have somehow felt disconnected with that too, So what to do? Reconnect with myself & hope everything slots into place. Hopefully reconnecting with my faith will also give me some sense of calm in the transition. Though acknowledging chaos is part of Paganism knowing that you can't control everything but finding your place in the mesh of what is going on is comforting & concentrating on what you can do & what you can influence is the key to managing it, setting out a strategy is key to taming it somewhat could make me feel more at ease. Or should I just ride it & see where it spits me out, not knowing is the scary part, would this create rash decisions, leaving me feel harried & likely to snap or brake down, or it could lead me to discover something new about myself. I think more the previous option is more me, hoping for the best & being prepared for the worse. Coping strategies vary from person to person, some people thrive more on a suck it & see approach & it works for them & who am I to argue with that, challenges define us & you have to except what such a thing reveals & deal with the fallout. So wish me luck & I shall see you at the other end.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about both reconnecting with yourself and riding chaos. Perhaps you'll feel more connected after the moot tonight!