Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Right to Die

With Tony Nickilnson shuffling off this mortal coil, dying of natural causes it does bring up many thoughts on the right to die. With his death I can't help feeling confused on what I should be feeling, should I be glad that his wish was fulfilled or sad that he had no say over when he went? As to whether or not I would say I agree with euthanasia is a difficult call. In a clean cut world it could be be seen as an easy decision to make, if they are in a position where they feel trapped in their body & are unhappy then they should be allowed to make that decision. The world however is not that clean cut, there are some people who may not want the burden of someone who is totally reliant on them to everything for them & may press the person into wanting to die and made to feel worthless. In the case of Alzheimer's disease how can someone in the more advanced stages consent? How would somebody know when they feel the time has come, when they are confused themselves? It is not an easy question to be answered, which is possibly why it keeps failing in parliament to shift either way. There are some people despite crippling illnesses like these who achieve great things, Professor Stephen Hawking being a prime example of this, rising through the ranks of science despite having motor neurone disease. What would I do if faced with a similar dilemma, at one point I thought I knew, but if it came to the crunch would my opinions still be the same?

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